This story is dedicated to my two sons...

When my children were young, I made up stories off the top of my head and told them at bedtime or while swinging on the swing under the tree in the back yard. More than 30 years ago I began telling the story of “The Boy With The Crooked Arm” to my boys. I started with my oldest son, Brent, and continued with my youngest son, Ryan. It became their most requested story; so I later shared it with neices, nephews, cousins, grandkids neighborhood children and anyone else who would listen. I dedicate this book to the ones who inspired it, my two sons; and I thank my wife Jacque for supporting this effort. I also express untold gratitude to Edi Joslin who brought my words to life through her wonderful illustrations. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed creating it. God bless the children!

Brent Rapheal (left) and Ryan Rapheal (right)
They are grown men now, but when they were
boys they loved to hear the story of the
Boy With A Crooked Arm.