Order Your Wall Graphics Today! - Only $74.99
You get 12 high quality Illustrations to decorate your wall.
Price does not include tax, shipping and handling.

We will send you a 36 inch wide by 36 inch tall high quality
sheet of illustrations from the book. Cut each image out and
arrange it on your wall. Be creative with your arrangement.
We would love to see a picture of your finished wall.

You will love the adhesive backed material. Just peel them off
(after you cut them) and place them on the wall. Don’t worry if
you don’t get it right the first time. It’s easy to take them off and
reposition the artwork. The material allows air to come through
the material, so you won’t be fighting all the bubbles that can
develop with many materials. These illustrations won’t harm
your walls and peel right off if you need to move them, even
to another wall.

The colors are bright and beautiful. These illustrations will almost
look like they are painted right on the walls (because the material
is so thin). These illustrations will constantly remind you of the
lessons learned in the book.

Edi Joslin created these illustrations for the book, “The Boy With
A Crooked Arm.”

©Copyright 2013 by Nick Rapheal/Digital Designs
Artwork may not be copied in whole or in part
without written permission.